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                Use of Reiki and facts

 Reiki is a very powerful and precise system of 

healing energy that can 

  be used for literally everything and anything!

                    It can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual...
                                 past, present, and future.  

                                Reiki is powerful but gentle.  

            We do not use or include any other alternative methods 
                      in our
treatments or teachings. merely Reiki in
                         it's purest and simplest form as originally

  taught and passed on through our lineage.

     In the long history of this beautiful healing art, it has 

aided healing or diminished pain and symptoms in 

virtually every known illness and injury,

                                         including serious ones. 
              Examples of conditions are:  flu, multiple sclerosis, Lyme's
Parkinsons, immune system ailments, heart disease,                      cancer, Aids, skin problems, cuts & wounds, bruises,  
                   broken bones, headaches, colds, sore throats,
            sunburns, fatigue, insomnia, impotence, poor memory, 
                 lack of confidence, emotional issues of all types
                 (chemical imbalances, Post Traumatic Syndrome,
           depression, anxiety, fear, bi-polar, mental issues, etc.), 

learning and physically challenged, Down's,

ADD, ADHD, Autism...etc.  

Also invaluable

"before" and after" joint replacements...knees,  

shoulders, hips, etc.

It has especially been used successfully in cases of

 severe trauma or fear as well as 

during chemotherapy treatments.

It works to help improve the effectiveness 

of all other types of therapy.  

A treatment may feel like a wonderful flowing radiance and 

has many benefits (some  experience altered consciousness 

and spiritual elation).  It will help improve the results of all medical treatments, acting to reduce negative side effects, shorten

healing time, reduce of help eliminate pain and stress.  

Most hospitals offer Reiki treatments prior to and post surgery 

and for those who would like to receive it . 

Treatments may not be

  felt "at all" nevertheless.

                              It is a self-healing system for all who have 

been attuned to Reiki.  

We strongly encourage using the self treatments 

each day to stay balanced and well.  

It is a wonderful "first aid" when you have an injury 

or emergency. Research shows that

tissues and cells have a regeneration period and

if Reiki is given within the first 5 to 10 minutes following
the occurrence, they can reorganize...thus shortening
the recovery period dramatically.

    The energy being emitted from a practitioner's hands

 has been proven by modern day equipment 
(Dr. Richard Carmona, the 17th Surgeon General

 of the US initiated research from the National Health Institute 

of Health and established a Complimentary Medicine Division 

which brought about much of what we know today).

      Reiki is being used by surgeons, Oncologists, 

Pain Specialists. Medical staffs
in ICU/emergency room/Specialty hospitals/ clinics, 

Pediatricians, Physical Therapists,  Hospice nursing staff 

as well as volunteers in the program.

     Centers for the challenged (Autism,. Downs, etc.) as 

well as those involved with
serious illnesses (MS, MD, Cancer) have staff members 

trained in Reiki and many

offer the training to patients & families.

     Reiki is also beneficial to our "four legged friends" a

nd many veterinary hospitals

                  as well as animal shelters use and endorse Reiki. 
                                    Check out our Animal Reiki
                                 category for more information.


  The most amazing feature of Reiki is that is uses Universal Energy (which is always available and so easily accessible) without ever needing to use our own energy... therefore our energy is never depleted and we only become more 

energized and balanced when using this beautiful energy.

  Important to remember:  

  Reiki is not a religion and has no dogma.

      There is nothing you must believe in to receive, give,

    or learn to use Reiki.

      You do not have to concentrate or focus for the enery    
to flow and heal.

  You become a conduit between the universe and the recipient.

 No thinking.

  No directly.

   ou do not have to believe in anything.

     Energy is everywhere and is channeled.

     You do not have to know the issues for Reiki to heal.

    No limitations.

      Cannot interfere with the higher self agenda.

    No permission needed to give, receive, or learn Reiki.


       Reiki always works for the highest good