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                  The Secret Garden  Reiki LLC

                        has two locations...

              Heath, Ohio & Granville, Ohio

                 Contact us for Reiki treatments

                  and Reiki Certification classes


                                  (607) 287-1099


              We offer Reiki training and certification
    us for information.


              + We now have Reiki available for 
           students and staff in the Whisler Center
        for Student Wellness at Denison University
                            in Granville, Ohio



                     Treatments available by

     Treatmen  byappointments only. 

           The Reiki treatments and teachings do not use

    or include other alternative methods... merely Reiki in          it's purest and simplest form as originally taught and

          passed on through our direct traditional lineage

              of Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Gray, Rosenthal.  


            Jeanne M. Sands is a Reiki Master and teaches          the  Usui Shiki Ryoho Method and is a member of 

                              The Reiki Alliance.
        James E. Sands is a Certified Reiki II Practitioner.

         Jeanne and her husband Jim, originated from MA,              married in 1963 and have 4 married sons and 9                                        amazing grandchildren.

             Jeanne was an executive secretary for an

     advertising firm in Hartford CT and, having studied 

     music (piano) since the age of 5, began teaching                                   once the children came along. 
        They moved to NJ and 
Jeanne opened a piano                        studio and was named President of the      

        Northern NJ branch of The National Guild of                                               Piano Teachers.

        After several years, James was transferred
     toToronto, Canada
and Jeanne attended The Royal                         Conservatory of Music at the

      University of Toronto to further her piano studies.
   While in Toronto she began study at Sheridan College           of Applied Arts & Technology, majoring in Interior                             Design,
 worked for a design  firm
            there, and continued her education upon
                            returning to the US. 
         After 5 years of study, she received her degree. 

          They then returned to New Jersey and Jeanne                      opened her own design business and became
of The Accent Gallery in Wyckoff, NJ.                             She also owned and operated 
Jeanne M,. Sands Interior Design in
              Bergen County NJ and taught piano on a
            part-time basis and was president of the
                         Northern New Jersey 
            National Association of Piano Teachers.

      Jeanne & Jim purchased land in the mountains of                upstate NY
and built a second home to get away 
                              away to on the weekends.

               It then became their permanent home.

                 Always interested in spirituality and
          self-improvement, Jeanne pursued many                             avenues...meditation, yoga, Shakti Healing, 
      and researched metaphysical and spiritual realms.
   She studied Aromatherapy and became certified with
         The Institute for Aromatherapy & Herbal Studies                                    in NYC  as well as with

              The New England Center for Aromatherapy
         She is a professional member of the National                      Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).

       Jeanne was then led to the study of Reiki but
         had to find a Master who was a direct lineage

                      bearer in Usui, Shiki Ryoho.   
             How fortunate to discover that Reiki
      Master Chris Rosenthal had recently relocated 
         to the area (Harmony Hill Retreat Center)
Orlando, Florida.

     She began study with Chris and was certified
First Degree and then Second Degree
                        (Jim is also certified).

       After extensive practice, study and training,
        she was awarded  the honor of becoming a
         Reiki Master and was then accepted as a
          member of The Reiki Alliance which is a
                    prestigious international
              organization for Reiki Masters of the
                            traditional lineage.


  Having worked with children and learning challenged              through the years (teaching and ARC volunteer in
                      music and art) and knowing 
      how Reiki could help, she decided to write and
       illustrate books in a  simple
and sweet manner                                    with cartoonlike images, 

   Reiki  Pure and Simple...and... Reiki For Animals

            that could  be understood by everyone. 
    These books are available This book is available                    through this site as well as on in 
             the US, UK, Canada, and can be found
       internationally, in bookstores, and in our studio.

                 The newest book Reiki For Special Needs
           should be available by summer of 2020.

                 Jeanne and Jim retired from their original
           professions a few years ago...Jeanne as an
                Interior Desigmer/Piano Teacher and 
           James as VP Global Human Resources for
                  a large phamaceutical company

                       Reiki has become Jeanne's passion
            (along  with the grandchildren  of course) 
             and spends much of her time with study, 
                   practice and, along with Jim's help,

      and holds regular Reiki training classes as well as                                        Reiki  treatments.
     They will be holding clinics for folks who need                              help and work  with many who are ill,                                             handicapped, or challenged.

            We have recently purchased a home in

              Heath, Ohio where we have set up a
         Reiki studio and have services available in
                         Granville, Ohio as well.