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Healing & Teaching Center

                        Reiki Distant Healing

             Healing energy can be sent to anyone or any situation anywhere through the means of Reiki 

Distant Healing... also
     known as Reiki Absent Healing.

      We have a group of amazing and wonderful Certified Reiki Second Degree

              folks who are available as a group, to
                            send healing intentions.


  There is no charge for  these intentions 

and we are willing, and 

grateful for the opportunity, to help.

            Please contact us: 
          with the name of the person or situation 
         that you would like to be included daily in 
                          in our healing circle.

                            Blessings & light,
                 The Secret Garden Reiki LLC  
                   Reiki Distant Healing Circle   


                       For more information on 

               Reiki Second Degree Certification 

                  check out  "Reiki classes" in the 

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