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                       Reiki for Animals


            Reiki's healing energy can be given to anyone and 

                                       everything we touch.

          Working on animals uses the same Reiki energy but 
                        techniques and applications may vary. 

            A veterinarian should always be consulted when 
                                   health problems arise.  
            Also, regular checkups are strongly recommended.

           Reiki's hands-on healing is a powerful compliment to                                  conventional medicine and assists in restoring 
            balance and clearing blocked energy to allow the
               life force to restore health to organs and cells.

               It is being used in animal shelters as well as 
                                    in veterinary hospitals

                                    and rescue facilities.


           A few of our Ohio Reiki practitioners are available 

                                   for treating animals...

                    large (travel to farm locations) and small.


                                   Contact us for the list of wonderful  
                                animal healers available

                                  Proud of our Reiki folks

                 who also donate their time and talents to 
                         veterinarian and rescue facilities.

       Please check out the link on this site...Reiki Book:  Reiki for                       Animals, Pure and Simple  which was written in a simple
               and easy manner with cartoonlike illustrations.  
                             Although great for all ages,
              especially recommended for children and folks 
                             with learning challenges.

                          We are supporters of SARA...
                        Shelter Animal Reiki Association...



                        A few benefits of Reiki for Animals                              



        1.  Injured or sick.  Help heal more rapidly.

        2.  Relieve pain.

        3.  Help balance all organisms & cells, glands, organs, the aura,

                    meridians and chakras, to help strengthen the natural                             healing process.

        4.  Increase energy.

        5.  Help heal emotions from fear, traumatic situations, accidents,

                    sadness, abuse, or neglect.

        6.  Help reduce stress and anxiety and help them relax.  
        7.  Can help behavior problems such as nervousness or                                     hyperactivity.

        8.  Compliments conventional treatments and helps augment                             positive results.

        9.  Helps prepare them for surgery or treatments and encourages
                    post-operative recovery.

      10.  Encourages suppleness and flexibility.

      11.  When preparing for a show or competition, Reiki will help to                          relax, focus, and perform at a higher level for peak                                   performance.
      12.  Reiki's loving energy will bring them to a place of comfort,                             peace,
and trust to help them release fears as they 
                    near the end of their


               Animals are sensitive to Reiki energy and they 

                                  will either immediately
                   love it or will take time getting used to it.  
                           Either way, it will be a wonderful
                  experience for both of you and create or 
                                  strengthen a close bond.

                      Talk softly and lovingly, praising them
                and letting them know you are there to share  
                          something beautiful and special.


                          I have written a booklet called 
                    Reiki for Animals, Pure and Simple that

               is available and given out at the Reiki classes.