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                               Reiki Pure and Simple




       Reiki Pure and Simple addresses many questions about this beautiful healing

energy modality in an easy to learn format and simplified language. using cartoonlike
illustrations to convey important information about Reiki.

     The author is Jeanne M. Sands, a Reiki Master in the traditional lineage of Usui,

Hayashi, Takata, Gray, Rosenthal.  She has had many years of experience teaching

and working with children as well as with individuals who have learning difficulties to

create this book for her students.

     Seeing the need to share this effective method of teaching, Jeanne decided to
publish this work for children who are interested in Reiki and their parents, as well
as for masters wishing to use it as a manual in their classes.

     A timely and necessary book for many looking for help with explaining Reiki

in a loving and simple manner.

     This little book is now available though this web site and on in the
US, UK and Canada, several bookstores,  and can be found internationally.
   It has been purchased in quantities to be used in healing centers and as manuals
for children's workshops and check with us regarding discounts for larger quantitiies.
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   Also check out our newest book:  Reiki for Animals Pure and Simple and special
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Reiki Pure and Simple

Reiki Pure and Simple & Reiki for Animals