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     Reiki  (Ray - Key) is a powerful and precise system of healing energy that can be       used for literally everyone, everything and anything.  It can be physical, mental,                                                        spiritual, or emotional.

    It was rediscovered in the early 1900's by Dr. Mikao Usui.  Reiki's origins are found
in the Tibetan sutras, the ancient records of cosmology and philosophy.  This energy
is also known as prana, mana, chi, holy spirit, source, and helps promote healing in
living things on the physical, mental,. emotional, and spiritual levels.  The word
Rei  (ray) is interpreted to mean Universal life...(knowledge of spiritual consciousness which is all knowing) 
and Ki (key) is energy or the life force.  It is also called the vital life force or the universal life force.  The ability to have this healing energy is ever-present to all of us.  One must be attuned to the frequency (or vibration) passed on by a Reiki Master. 
     It is important to choose a Master/Teacher with discrimination and research as there are several
who are not properly trained or certified to help you achieve the maximum of care and knowledge.
     As you will note, our lineage is direct and short and the teachings & information 
have not been altered in any way...this is "pure Reiki" in it's truest form. There are so many Reiki courses being offered and, unfortunately ,you may be receiving inaccurate or faulty information and attunements.  We do not use our own energy...our lineage  enables us to channel the most healing, pure,

and beautiful energy.

    ++ Our Traditional lineage has been passed down directly from a very short list of Masters and "in person"...Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Gray, myself (Sands) after years and extensive training and you are assured of receiving the most
valuable and truest of Reiki energy attunements and instruction. 


     Please check out The Reiki Alliance web site for a list of Masters to study with
that are located near you:

This hands-on healing art is a powerful compliment to the conventional
therapeutic method.  It fuels the body's homeostatic mechanisms and assists
in restoring balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 
The Reiki Masters and Reiki Practitioners are channels for this healing.

How does Reiki Heal?

      The life force flows within the physical body through pathways called chakras,

 meridians, and nadirs.  We are alive because of this.  It flows around us in a field
   of energy called the "aura" nourishing the organs and cells of the body as it
    supports them in their vital functions.  When this flow is disrupted, it causes

    diminished functions in the organs and tissues of the physical body.  The life
   force is responsive to thoughts or feelings about ourselves.  Negative thoughts

      and feelings can attach themselves to our energy field, therefore causing a

  disruption in the energy flow.  Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts
of the energy field and charging them with positive energy.  It raises the vibratory
        level of the field in and around  the physical body (aura)  causing the

                               negative energy to break apart and fall away. 

                                     In so doing, Reiki straightens, clears, 
                                   and helps to heal the energy pathways
                                        restoring good health and balance.  


       Reiki can be used very effectively on animals as well...and this is
                           taught in our Reiki Certification classes.            



                           Reiki Hospitals and clinics offering Reiki 

     Most hospitals offer Reiki today...and many prestigious hospitals
                  are utilizing and endorsing this healing modality.
                   Also included in many pre-med programs.

                        Here are just a few:
             Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
             NY - Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia
             Yale New Haven Hospital
             Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center
             Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System
             George Washington University Hospital
             M.D. Anderson Cancer Centers
                 California Pacific Medical Center
             Harvard University, Boston/Cambridge
             Ohio State Hospital and Medical School
             U. of Colorado Medical School
             U. of Michigan Hospital
             U. of Pennsylvania Medical School
             U. of Maryland  Hospital and Medical School
             Columbia University Medical Center
             Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
             George Washington University Medical Center
             Children's Hospital Boston
             Beth Israel Medical Center 
             Albert Einstein Medical Center
             St. Peters Health 
             Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Center for Integrative Medicine
             Arizona State Veteran Home
             Massachusetts General Hospital
             Cancer Centers of America...many locations
             University College - London Hospital
             St. Giles Hospice UK

       +++There are many others including hospitals in
            various parts of the world...Argentina, Belgium,
                   Canada, Egypt, South Africa. etc.