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    The sense of smell is the key to remembering and 

emotion.  It could produce positive feelings, calm or

arouse, reverse negativity, relieve stress and worry,
etc.  They can also have a psychic influence, evoking
visions and colors or feeling of having been "in touch".

      In Aromatherapy, essential oils are used, which are  

high concentrations of the life force 

(oil glad or sac) of the the plants.  

These are obtained from plants, flowers, blossoms

roots, bark, leaves, resins, needles and twigs, grasses,  
seeds, roots, wood, fruit, peel of fruits, herbs, etc. by
specific distillation processes. 

       Water distillation:  plant material placed in still 

and covered with water, brought to a boil and the  
steam produced is passed through a connecting tube  
into a  condenser.  When the steam cools, returns to  
liquid  form producing essential oil.
 Water and Steam distillation:  the same process  
as  above but along with boiling material, steam is  
also processed into the still producing more heat than  
with just water.   
Examples of how much plant material is needed
  to produce only one pound of essential oil:  

  50 lbs. of  Eucalyptus
150 lbs. of Lavender,
500 pounds of Rosemary,
1,000 lbs. of  Jasmine,
 2,000 lbs. of Rose petals,

       highly concentrated and potent.   
          The perfumers of Europe escaped the plague 

         due to the use of certain plant based oils which  
  acted as antiseptics and antibacterials.

        The oils are safe when used correctly and  

    are not addictive. First believed to be used hundreds  
   of years ago we know that they were used by the  
 Egyptians.  There have been tomb drawings of stills 
  used at that time for the distillation process.  The  
hieroglyphic symbol for the verbs "to enjoy" or "to  
     take pleasure in" is represented by a "nose".

       Archeologists have found evidence of oils in  

      many Egyptian tombs and they were used in healing,  
     ceremonies, and embalming.  The practice of using  
     essential oils then spread to the Far East, Europe  
      and beyond.

      The science of Aromatherapy is taken very  

      seriously in Europe today. It is possible to obtain    
   a Doctorate in Aromatherapy and it is prescribed  
   as a treatment for various ailments and used in  
  hospitals.  Great Britain is one of the leading  
 countries in this field.   In the Far East, there are

herbal and aromatherapy "apothecaries" who fill
prescriptions from doctors in the field of holistic
and alternate medicine...with much success.

      Although this is such a safe means of
one should always seek the advice
    of a medical 
professional when there is a problem. 

        In the 
US we have several schools teaching

this science  and upon completing the program

   and successfully passing the exams, will award
     the certification of 
"Aromatherapy Practitioner".  
      Studies are being done at many universities,
    particularly abroad, on the many benefits of this  

wonderful means of healing.  

 Essential oils can also be used as a massage
blend and applied directly t
o skin.  As they are quite
concentrated and potent, they should be diluted with 
a carrier oil (our oil of choice is Fractionated Coconut
which has a long shelf life), or distilled water.  Skin
sensitivity should be considered as well.
        This is recommended for sore muscles or painful
areas, but again, one
must know the synergies of the
oils in order to be sure they are safe.
         Our skin creams have precious essential oils
using a base of pure Shea Butter which has been
purified for a smoother and creamier

       Some essentials  oils are not recommended for
           use on children, expectant mothers,  
        or folks with certain medical problems 
    (blood pressure. etc.).

     This is why it is important to obtain blends 

          from a reliable source.

            Also, when working with animals, only use 
oil blends that are 

                                 specifically formulated.                            
       Please note that Aromatherapy is
      not recommended
for many of them    
(birds, fish etc.)

  Jeanne is a Certified Aromatherapist

          and practitioner since 1992

     Classes:  None scheduled at this time

            Products:  Blends are not available at this time
      for purchase at The Secret Garden Center or
on line...


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                         The chart below shows how the properties
                     of essential oils are absorbed and processed in
                       our bodies.  They are inhaled through the nose
(Olfactory) and then pass through our system. 
                                       This is quick and
                        Many of our immunization applications are
                          now done through a "puff" of medicinal
                                   vapor into the nasal cavities.