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Healing & Teaching Center

                   First & Second Degree 
                        Certification  Classes



  You will be awarded First Degree and Second Degree certification upon

         completion each program.  We do not use or include any other alternative 

               methods in our treatments or teachings... merely Reiki in it's purest 

                    and simplest form  as originally taught and passed on through 

                     our direct  lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Gray, Rosenthal.

                                        The classes are intimate and small.
                            Reiki is easy to learn & can be taught to everyone.
                                         (including challenged individuals)

                                 Reiki Master certification is also available but

                                         requires extensive training and time.

                                                       First Degree


                                                        June & July classes

                                Contact us for possible dates

                       +++ Note:  Classes held for two or more to

                                   suit individual schedules.

                                They can be held on two days of 3+ hrs. each...
                                   or...shorter sessions of 1 12 hrs. or so over
                                                             3 to 4 meetings.
                                        If interested in classes for specific
                                   groups...timing and location can be set up.

                                   Any questions or for more information,
                                please feel free to contact us.


                                               Cost:  $150

                         Learn the ancient & natural method of healing to enhance     
                                        and balance your health & quality of life.
                                  Reiki quickens and aids healing on all levels:

                                    Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

                           Reiki helps provide access to the unlimited light-filled
                     Universal Life Force Energy.  It is a viable & effective method
                      which enables us to bring the energy into us, and through us,
                                    to provide balance, harmony, and healing in
                              our lives and to everyone and everything we touch.

                             This could involve the resolution of health problems,
                        change in rigid beliefs and attitudes, making decisions
                              that have been put off or ignored, and discovery of
                                   one's true values and important factors in life.

                                      Upon completion of this class, you will 
                                   receive your Reiki Practitioner Certification.


                      In this class you will also learn to give Reiki to animals.

                                                 Second Degree

                                    Contact us for upcoming dates

                                 Private class available for this certification.
                                        Contact us for upcoming schedule.

                                              Cost: $500


                    Learn to take the Healing Energy of Reiki out of time and space.
                        Can send to help us "think positive" and remain centered
                                                            and balanced.
                         One can send the Universal Life Force Energy to the
                                                     past, present, and future.
                                         If you can think it... you can send to it.

                                Heals past relationships and helps future ones.
                           Heals old wounds and clarifies decision making in life.

                     Can be sent to promote healing of world hunger, global warming,

                  peace, to foster harmony and wisdom in our families, communities,

                                                and governments, on all levels:

                                       Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.
                            The Second Degree increases the power of the energy
                                                          and augments intuition.


                                                 First Degree certification with 
                                                 Jeanne Sands or initiated by
                                                a Reiki Master in our lineage
                                              and practice for a minimum of 
                                                          3 months or longer

                                                to qualify for Second Degree.