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                               Reiki and Special Needs

          Reiki is universal healing energy which helps one to balancer and center. 
    It helps to align thebody's energy centers and healing on the physical, mental,
                                         emotional and spiritual levels.

           It is now recognized and available in many hospitals and medical facilities
                   as well as centers 
involved with various problematic conditions.

         Reiki is of great benefit to those with learning and physical challenges.

                   Private classes here at The Secret Garden are held in a calm 
                              manner and structured to the needs of the student. 


             Reiki has been shown to help with several disorders and special
                   needs, including  Downs, Autism, ADHD, ADD, PTS, 
                                     and help 
develop confidence.

               After extensive research and trials, it was found extremely 
                            beneficial particularly to the autistic.
             In fact, 
it is recognized that some may be natural-born healers. 
       A byproduct of  being gentle and sensitive, 
instinctively recognizing the 
                                    source of physical problems. 

           I have had the blessing of being able to work with several who have
     challenges and found that 
they are all special and so willing to help.  Many
   have gifts that are truly amazing.  Being involved with 
many who are  learning
     and physically impaired, has granted me the opportunity to have first-hand

  knowledge.  I also work with supervisors, staff, parents and family members.

          The Reiki attunements (First Degree) not only realigns their vibrations 

        but enables access to the always present and available healing energy.

          Reiki is so simple and beautiful.  There is no thinking or directing and
                           accessible to all who are 
attuned to the energy.

                                  There is no cost for training or working
                          with children who have us.

             It all began for me when I realized that teaching piano to children
had difficulty in learning and with physical drawbacks were my
    "favorite" pupils.  
For many years, I joyfully worked as a volunteer at the
    Delaware County ARC ( NY state), 
in their music and art programs for children 
                            and  adults with 
a variety of disabilities.

          After years of work and study, I finally achieved the honor of becoming
  a Reiki Master. Working with children as well as with the challenged, I wrote
      a teaching manual to simplify the information on Reiki in my classes and
             created illustrations in cartoonlike images.   Please check 
out the 
                                               Reiki Pure and Simple
                    link in the "content" area as well as the newest book
                               Reiki For Animals, Pure and Simple.

          I was prompted to make these available to everyone and they
      were published. 
 They are  now available on this web site as well as
             on Amazon (internationally) in our center, and in bookstores.

              I am grateful to have them all in my life and for the beautiful
                                                 healing Reiki 

                             This "ORB" was captured by digital camera

          during a training session with a young man with special needs.