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       We offer Reiki treatments in one of our private treatment rooms.  A relaxing

   and wonderful experience with soft candlelight, water elements, instrumental
     and soft background music to set the mood of peace and tranquility.  Our
   massage tables are extremely padded and super comfortable.  You will let go
     of daily pressures
and problems and a feeling that you have been to a spa.     
      We do not use or include any other alternative methods in our treatments
      or teachings... merely Reiki in it's purest and simplest form as originally
                  taught and passed on through our lineage of Usui, Hayashi,
                                            Takata, Gray, 

      Typically, a full Reiki session takes approximately one hour and if one
                                  needs more time, it will be given.

               These treatments help with health problems and speed 
                                         healing on many
                       Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. 

       We cannot claim specific "cures" but can tell you that we have had some

                                           pretty amazing results.
         The private sessions are with Jeanne who is a certified Reiki Master.
    You will be invited to lie down on your back on the table fully clothed.  Once

   you are comfortable and at ease.  Jeanne will place her hands on your head
     to connect with you and begin to channel Reiki energy.  You may feel heat,

   tingling, a cool sensation... or nothing at all, but remember, whether you feel

   something or not, the Reiki is still working.
                                  Experiences are different with everyone. 

       She will then place her hands lightly (or hover slightly above if preferred)

   along specific and non-invasive locations moving slowly down the front of

  the body.  You will then be asked to turn over (if you are comfortable doing

             so) and the process will be repeated on the back areas.

  Reiki energy passes through clothing, bandanges, and even casts or braces.
 The fee for the sessions vary depeding on the treatment program, duration,

                                       and frequency of services.  

             Always remember that Reiki can do no harm... only good!